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Hi, I'm Dr. Natasha F.
I specialize in Holistic MindBody Health.
I'm A Certified Autoimmune Coach
A Bioenergetic Bodyworker +
A Functional Medicine Doctor


Work with me via video conferencing, so you can receive support no matter where in the world you live. 


Meet with me 1-on-1 in my Northern California office or at one of my exclusive healing retreats around the world.

Group Coaching

Whether online or in-person, gain the knowledge and support you need surrounded by others cheering you on.

"Dr. Natasha is a health miracle worker of sorts. She marriages science, medicine, and intuition and it's pretty amazing to go through the healing process with her. She really does this because she cares and loves the work. She is such a kind hearted person, and she truly is a vessel for healing. She shares with you what is going on bit by bit. And you never feel like you're left hanging. She is committed to getting you better each step of the way."


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