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The BEST Essential Oils for Travel

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2019

My husband and I are going on a month long trip to France this month.

One of the things that we always make sure to take with us while we travel is a few essential oils and I have a few that are my favorite for trips.

We recently took these same essential oils on our trip to Bali, Indonesia and they were indispensable. In fact, we even finished bottles while we were there.

Since our trip to Bali, I've restocked and I wanted to share with you what my favorite essential oils for travel are and how I use them. 

On Guard  

The first oil I am going to be discussing with you are dietary oils. I don't really care which company you use and please know, I am not a rep. If you want to find these blends with other companies that's totally cool with me. I'm just describing these because these are the ones that I have and I tend to just like some of the combination blends they have.

My favorite one, by far, is On Guard. This is similar to thieves oil or other blends that you can make. It contains cloves, cinnamon, wild orange peel, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

It's a really fantastic blend for disinfecting things and has antiviral and antibacterial properties. We take On Guard as a protective blend by way of little spray bottles. I fill the bottle up with filtered Berkey water and put about five or six drops in it and I'll use it as a spray when we're on the airplane. I will spray it around our face, sometimes use it as a deodorant and spray it under my arms. It's really great just to give you an overall aura of protection while you're traveling. It also smells really great. 

Deep Blue

Another one that we really love a lot is Deep Blue. Now this is a roller pen of Deep Blue. It has a couple of things blended into it and it is like a massage oil blend. It's really great for achy muscles while you're traveling. If you have tight muscles or you just need a bit of relaxation, this roller is really great.

You just roll it on to a part of your body and as you can see it has a little bit of a blue color and you just massage it in until the oil is totally absorbed. I've been using it on the back of my neck, my upper back, or shoulders and it really helps relax the muscles.

My husband loves it in particular because it smells like tiger balm which reminds him of his childhood. If you've never used tiger balm,  it's like a traditional Chinese body massage oil that helps with relaxing muscles.

If you want to find this blend somewhere else or make it yourself, there's a couple of things in it that make it particularly smell really great. It has peppermint and as well as wintergreen. On Guard andDeep Blue are the two essential ones that we take because this one helps with not getting sick and kind of protecting the air around you. 


We also take a couple other ones that help boost our mood while we are traveling. One of them is lavender.

Lavender is really great for relaxation and it is also great to spray in your hotel room or on your bedsheets when you get to a new place. Lavender helps relax and aids sleep.  


Peppermint is another great one to help boost your brain a bit and give you more energy and help energize you. 


There are two blends that you don't have a mix that you can also make yourself or find with other companies. One of them is called Breathe. This is obviously to help you breathe better. 

It has a blend of things like eucalyptus in it, peppermint, tea tree oil, and lemon oil.  It has a blend that opens up your airways and helps you breathe a little bit better. If you start feeling a little congested or just having allergies, this will help with breathing. 


The other one that I really like is DigestZen. This is another blend that's for targeted support while you're traveling. Just take a drop and  put it in warm water and you drink it after a meal. DigestZen really helps you digest food. 

In the next blog I'm going to talk about my favorite supplements for travel but you can take digestive Zen with you instead of supplements for digestion or you can kind of use them both as you wish. 


Dr. Natasha F tip: When traveling it is nice to have these compact 5 ml bottles to take with you. 


Terra Shield

Here are a few more that I really like as well and come in handy while traveling.

A new one that I'm trying out is called Terra Shield. It is basically a natural bug spray. You can look at the ingredients and see what it includes if you want to make one yourself. It has ingredients that will deter bugs which is perfect if you're planning to be outdoors at all while traveling.

We plan to be hiking quite a bit, so I'm using an essential oil instead of any chemical bug sprays that carry a significant amount of safety and health risks. 

Tea Tree Oil

Another one that I really like to take with me is called tea tree oil. If for example you get any sort of cold or infection, this is great to have on hand. In particular, you can also carry it with you in case you get any pimples while you're traveling.

Sometimes the stress of travel or the different foods that you're eating, you might start getting acne or pimples. Tea tree oil is one of my favorite remedies for pimples or acne.  You just apply at night,  just dab a Q-tip on the pimple and within a day or two of doing this usually the pimples disappear. It really helps dissolve the pus in the pimples as well

Oregano Oil

If you start getting sick or you catch a virus or a cold, you can use oregano oil. Oregano oil is incredibly potent. While you're traveling, you can just open it up on the airplane and sniff it.

You do not apply this to your skin. Take caution with oregano oil and tea tree oil, as they are both incredibly potent. They can burn your skin. To avoid this, simply make sure that you're diluting them. You're using just a drop with the Q tip or you're just smelling them or diffusing them.


Finally the last oil that I love for healing is frankincense. This is one of the most magical essential oils and an all around anti inflammatory. Frankincense is one of those all around great ones. If you just google frankincense you'll find a hundred different uses for it but it's a really great one to travel with and aid any health issues.  

When traveling, I carry a little bag with me. I take these top essential oils with me and leave the rest at home.  If you have any comments or questions or you have any other suggestions leave them in the comment box below. I'm sure there's great discussion. I know there's a lot of essential oil experts out there so we'd love to learn from you as well. 

I'd love to hear from you- what are your MUST HAVE essential oils and do you take them when you travel?? Let me know in the comments. 

Dr. Natasha F


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